I want to take a minute to express gratitude for the strong women in my life. The women who demonstrated by action that it takes tremendous courage to stand up for yourself and others. The women who showed me the definition of grit and that strength comes in many forms, most importantly in vulnerability to feel wholeheartedly to build empathy and understand how to drive effective change.

I am a proud Navajo and Bangladeshi woman. I am proud of my culture, ancestors and family. This, also means, in today’s current social climate, I have endured overwhelming struggle in all aspects of my life. My voice has been suppressed. Time and time and time again.

I thank you, to the strong women, who have served as my role models. To the women who have come before me who used their platform to encourage each other. To the women who have impacted me from your friendship, guidance, artwork, poetry, a phone call, a text, social media posts, etc. You’ve made a world of difference in my life.

I am proud of who I am because I fought to become her.

It’s unhealthy to endure and keep quiet. Here’s to the journey of discovering my voice and helping others find theirs.


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