Moving one foot in front of the other, I walked hesitatingly in front of the crowded room. My breath increased rapidly when I reached the podium.

My mind succumbed into the depths of the sea of sorrowed stares in front of me.

I spent a sleepless night writing what I would say in this moment. I never imagined in all my nightmares that our life would bring me to this dark juncture. In lieu of reading the words on the page, I aptly described the aura surrounding us in this massive room. I said, the silence is loud.

What of it of silence that is excruciatingly loud when it is defined as the absence of sound.

I ask myself, did this unexpected terror that flooded though my life deserve anything more than deafening unspoken words?

As society demands final words to be spoken as ritual, I followed the rules of etiquette and spoke aloud the words I wrote in hope to bring peace to the sea of sorrowed stares.

Your life was like a shooting star. A spectacular moment of light in the heavens, fleeting glimpse of eternity, so rare and beautiful that abruptly ended far too fast, far too soon.

As it were absolutely true, your love is what moved the blood in my streams, sowed my brokenness at its seams.

This loss is far beyond the comprehension to articulate in any spoken or written language.

People naturally fear silence, maybe because it’s undefined and abstract. For those who speak more than listen, I could understand how silence is intimidating.

Silence can take on infinite meaning. Good, bad, ugly, charming all at once or concentrate on one in ways that words fail us.

I escaped the sea of stares. I followed the hushed melody and found myself outside. Alone. I looked up at the sky and admired how it understood. The cool autumn breeze on my skin, the stillness of the trees. I found solace in the silence that communicates more than words ever could.

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