Earlier this week I had a conversation with author and marketing expert, Mark Schaefer. We’ve only met once before, and through his coaching, he reignited my interest in blogging. For my most recent homework assignment, Mark asked me to share a blog post. Naturally, as I typically do with most things I care about, I scheduled multiple times on my calendar to write a critical work of art that defines who I am. After reflecting back on my previous posts, I wrote down 35 ideas and tried to cram all my life experiences into a 500 word piece that I would be proud of.

Our second coaching session came and I had absolutely nothing to show. I rambled on how I grew increasingly frustrated with trying to cram in all my life’s stories into one post. I wanted to share my volunteer work, but that in itself was overwhelming. I had so many stories and insights I wanted to shout out to world and communicate in one single post.

I’m paraphrasing here, but Mark told me that it’s OK. What I was feeling was normal and my goal shouldn’t be to write and deliver a PhD thesis every post. In fact, I should focus on one key element and moment to share. What really hit home for me was when Mark told me I didn’t have to drive home a new key point each and every time. Posing a question in itself could be insightful. Hindsight is 20/20, but in that moment, I gave myself permission to take a step back and think about what I wanted to convey to my readers.

I want to share honest stories, and sometimes, I won’t end my posts with a completed thought and answer. Sometimes, it will be overly simply and sometimes, it will be complicated. That’s life. Compiling all my life experiences into one post is ridiculously unrealistic. Like most things in life, setting short realistic goals are the steps that equate to real progress. Each small step contributes to something much greater. I am eager to share my moments with you, in a real way, which will often be delivered unpolished. I’m OK with that. This isn’t my first blog post. I’ve written many pieces, and this won’t be my last. Until next time!

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