My name is Sabrina Saleha. There are multiple stories of how my name came to be. I hope to share them all, and maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll tell you the true story.
When I reflect on moments I feel most alive, I am surrounded by people I adore, bound together by compassion, an open mind and fueled to empower one another to honest change in their pursuit of happiness and fairness. I seek for moments of vulnerability as they conspire to a single moment of courage. I am motivated to advocate for others who do not have a voice in our fascinating world. I am persistent in challenging my perspective and the status quo.

I warmly welcome you to a place where I share moments that inspire me to bravery in being my most authentic self in a world that so often defines a norm.

I must warn you, I fall deeply in love with passionate people, places that fill me with hope and all catalysts who seek to be magnificent in their unique way. I have been broken and survived many nights in the depths of despair. I feel intensely and seek to lead a fulfilling life of empowerment to others in the ebbs and flows on this adventure. Life gets messy, it’s complicated and confusing. Adversity is inevitable. I am captivated in each and every expedition to experience a moment of courage.
Sabrina Muscles Up

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