Sabrina Saleha

Actor · Writer


Sabrina follows a personal mantra, of being a voice for unheard voices and conspiring others to their moment of courage through storytelling. She is proudly Navajo and Bengali. She desires to see more authentic diverse representation in film/tv.

She spent time in the corporate world working at a Fortune 100 tech company in silicon valley. Former techie + digital nomad turned actor.

Today she has appeared in several theater and film productions, and currently based in Atlanta.

Fun Facts

  • Fancy Shawl Dancer (Native American dancing at powwows)
  • Trained and certified Krav Maga instructor & trained in BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai
  • Lived full-time in a jeep traveling 35+ states for 1.5 years
  • Currently lives in a tricked out van & loving it
  • Explored 150+ National & State parks #youmeandtheparks
  • Works out for fun
  • Frequent volunteer at Camp Comfort Zone, kids grief camp
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