Sabrina is an actor and screenwriter that follows a personal mantra, of being a voice for unheard voices and conspiring others to their moment of courage through storytelling. She is proudly Navajo and Bangladeshi. She desires to see more authentic diverse representation in film/tv.

She spent time in the corporate world working at a Fortune 100 tech company in silicon valley. Former techie + digital nomad.

Today she has appeared in several theater and film productions, and currently based in Atlanta.

Represented by Privilege Talent

Recent News

  • Just wrapped on Trap Door in the Sun film, a horror on colonization - Check out the trailer!
  • Submitting pilot script, Biodomes, to screenwriting competitions
  • Living full-time in van traveling to National Parks
  • Interviewed by PBS - Check out my full interview 🙂
  • Wrote a piece about Native American Heritage Month for my Alma Mater, NC State University
  • Hiking every week <3
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