Sabrina Saleha is an actor and screenwriter that follows a personal mantra, of being a voice for unheard voices and conspiring others to their moment of courage through storytelling. She is proudly Navajo and Bangladeshi. She desires to see more authentic diverse representation in film/tv.

She is currently a grad student at Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) earning her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Screenwriting. She is signed actor with Privilege Talent Agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. Previously, a techie worked at Cisco in silicon valley.

Check out her most recent interview with PBS on her journey of living in van full-time traveling to National Parks and more!

Represented by Privilege Talent

Recent News

  • Just wrapped on Trap Door in the Sun film, a horror on colonization - Check out the trailer!
  • Submitting pilot script, Biodomes, to screenwriting competitions
  • Living full-time in van traveling to National Parks
  • Interviewed by PBS - Check out my full interview 🙂
  • Wrote a piece about Native American Heritage Month for my Alma Mater, NC State University
  • Hiking every week <3
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