Sabrina Saleha is a screenwriter and actress with a rich background: she's both Diné (Navajo) and Bangladeshi-American, which gives her a rich perspective on life.

As fate would have it, her Navajo mom and Bengali dad found love in the club, and the rest is history. Sabrina is a fusion of both cultures, Indigenous to this land and the first-generation daughter of an immigrant dad. Some might call her the real American superhero (look out, Captain America), but she's just a woman with a lot of love for her culture and a fondness for dad jokes.

Growing up in the South, Sabrina had a colorful and vibrant upbringing that made for some hilarious stories. Gone are the days of panicking over which ethnicity checkbox to mark; now she's an artist with an infinite supply of Indian/NDN jokes.

Currently a MFA candidate in Screenwriting at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Sabrina has been recognized with prestigious scholarships from Warner Bros. Discovery and the Navajo Nation. She's also a Native American Media TV Writer's Lab fellow with SkinsFest and an ImagineNATIVE’s Screenwriting Feature Lab fellow.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from North Carolina State University, she worked in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. There, she founded the Native American Employee Resource Organization and partnered with Native American organizations on college campuses to create a pipeline for Indigenous talent.

But Sabrina's thirst for adventure and creativity led her to make a bold move. She sold most of her possessions and spent five years traveling to every National Park in the US and Canada, documenting her journey in the Emmy-nominated documentary, The Story of US: A PBS American Portrait story.

Sabrina's passion for storytelling is deeply personal. She creates the kinds of stories that she wishes her younger brother, who passed away before graduating high school, could have experienced. Sabrina carries her love for her brother with her in every project, infusing her work with a lot of heart.

To learn more about Sabrina's work as a screenwriter, actress and filmmaker, be sure to check out her PBS documentary and industry publications.
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