Fantasy-Adventure Feature Film

When one half of the Diné Monster Slayer sibling duo vanishes, a plucky Rosie Nez is left powerless. She must overcome her own anger and work through her grief to reignite her powers, find her brother and save Navajo Nation from dark forces closing in…

Grief Camp

One-Hour Teen Fantasy Drama TV Pilot

A Diné teenager, Eqqo Yazzie, must endure an all-Native Grief Summer Camp. She discovers a magical treasure map to leads her and her new friends to learn the biggest camp secret of them all… they are the ones actually dead. Eqqo and her crew must overcome their newfound reality and Eqqo must choose to stay at camp or return back to Earth to be with her younger brother. 

New Leaf

Comedy-Horror Short Film

Best friends and city girls, Michelle and Nikki, go on a much-needed getaway and booked a rental house in the woods. When greeted by the host… their weekend turns into something unexpected.

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