Fantasy-Adventure Feature Film

As the Diné Monster Slayer sibling duo faces their greatest challenge, Rosie Nez must confront her own demons and harness the power of her grief to reignite her abilities and rescue her vanished brother. With the fate of the Navajo Nation at stake, Rosie must overcome her anger and unite with her long-lost half brother to take down the malevolent forces threatening her community.

Grief Camp

One-Hour Dramedy-Fantasy TV Pilot

When a sardonic Navajo teenager stumbles upon a mystical treasure map at an All-Native Grief summer camp, she and her newfound friends set off on a thrilling adventure to uncover its secrets and find their way back home. But as they journey deeper into the supernatural waystation between the living and the dead, they begin to realize that their quest may have deeper, more profound consequences than they ever could have imagined.

New Leaf

Comedy-Horror Short Film

Escape to the woods for a weekend of relaxation and fun, city girls Michelle and Nikki are excited for a change of scenery, but when they meet the mysterious host of their rental house, their getaway takes a turn for the unexpected and the friends must rely on their wit and bond to survive the night.

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